Dear Parents and Students,

Looking forward to the new year, it is time once again to review the policies of this studio.

ATTENDANCE:  It is necessary for me to see each student at least once a week. Sometimes it is necessary for me to change lessons because of the many hats I wear, but these lessons will always be rescheduled.  If there is illness and the student cannot attend a lesson,   please, let me know as soon as possible. These lessons will usually be rescheduled for the week of workshop.   Make-up lessons must be made-up within the month.

PRACTICE:    We will continue with the Practice Records this year.  The idea is to practice as long as needed without your eye on the clock.  Play your songs the number of times requested, as well as, Seven Stages of Misery when assigned.  This should help you learn your songs quickly and accurately.  Practice should be considered as important as brushing one’s teeth. It is not an option if one feels like it. A regular time for practice should be set aside. It must become a habit.

TUITION:    Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. A library fee is due in March and October to cover the rising cost of the repetoire.  Please call 520-245-4085 or email melodyspiano@cox.net for tuition rates and payment schedule.

RECITAL:  Recitals are held every December and May. These are optional, but everyone is encouraged to perform.

WORKSHOP:    Workshop is held the last week of each month in place of the regular lesson. Your monthly newsletter will give you the time. Workshop is meant to introduce theory concepts and hopefully help in understanding.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the joy of music to all of you. Please, please if you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to call.

Looking forward with anticipation,                  

                                                                 Melody Kehl