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Summer is here

Our Spring Recital was wonderful . . . understand I am a bit prejudiced!! All of the students did their very best. Our next challenge is to learn a patriotic song by July 04.

Fall 2023

Students are back in school. Lots of excitement! New music! Halloween!! The Holidays!!!

Summer 2023

Our summer recital is scheduled for the beginning of June. Thankfully, we have reservations for the same venue as our winter recital.  Everyone is excited and learning their compositions. . . earning their rewards.  

We are officially ESA approved.  Melody


Winter 2023

Our young prodigies are in the process of learning about Vivaldi this month, as well as new classics and pops and two-piano duets.  Such excitement. 

Workshops at the end of the month are invaluable for sharing theory concepts and camaraderie.  We enjoy sharing about our composer of the month, his/her music and life and playing music we have worked on through the month. This is a time when we practice the duets.  

Summer recital is just 4 months away. . . lots of preparations happening.


We are headed into Fall. . .

a new season of great expectations!!!

We have been getting ready for the holiday season with new music to share with our friends and family.  Just a couple more months to polish for our recital.

Chopin is our composer for the months of August and September.  So much beautiful music to enjoy.

Our newest adventure involves digital pianos and the iPad.  Quite a learning curve here, but so much fun.  Students are improving their sight-reading weekly.  

Spring 2022!! 

Another year full of promise and excitement!

We just had our Winter Celebration of the season.  Now we are headed to the Spring Recital.  Everyone has chosen their music and are ready for the challenge for the new year. 

Our middle group is working on the Solfeggietto in C minor by C P E Bach, getting ready for a masterclass the end of February.


Winter 2021

We just finished our sharing of two piano duets.  What a delight!!  This we will try again.

Preparation for our Winter Concert is in full swing.    All of the music is chosen.  There are even a couple duets chosen.

We have resumed workshops the week of each month, so almost back to normal after the pandemic.  Still being careful, though.   

Right now, I have opened the studio and am accepting new students. There is room for 3 more to join our musical family.  


I have one picture from our Summer Recital for 2019.  Will try to add more later.  This was taken at our rehearsal for the younger group.  The ones with aprons have lost the challenge and have to serve the winners pizza and ice cream. 


Our Christmas Recital December 2018 

We split the recital this year.  Our young students did their own personal recital.  So proud of each of you!!  Your stage deportment was exemplary!!

And those of you more advanced . . . I was so proud of the maturity in your music.  Keep up the good work!!






The recital was last night.  Everyone did their very best and I am so very proud.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication. . . keep it up!!


For information on how to join this dynamic group. ..

 We are in the final month of preparation for the recital on May 01.  Everyone is working hard and I do believe this will be another successful adventure.  Simon Galleries has again this year offered the stage and Steinway pianos for our performance.  A special thank-you to John Simon who is making this possible.  

Our recital was a smashing success.  Very relaxing and everyone IMG_3157did really well despite having just six weeks to prepare.


May 31st was our last recital. A special thank you to John Simon at Simon Galleries for making this a possibility.  Again, you all made me very proud.  Keep up the good work.  next recital will be a Bistro Halloween Recital here at the studio.

 Hugs, Ms. Melody

 Email   for more information.

The December recital was a great success.  I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Now it is time to start new music and get ready for our next performance.

This year we will have a Treasure Chest of goodies to earn through practice, theory, memory. 

Rules of the Game

Practice must be recorded on your Practice Sheet and signed by your parent

Points will be awarded for practice, doing your theory, finishing a composition, memorizing a composition, composer reports, finishing your worksheets and focus.

                                                                                                                                                                                 With a glad heart, Ms. Melody

Here is a link to some of the pictures from the recital at Steinway Galleries.

 2014-05-18 – Piano Recital

Here are some pictures from one of our workshops courtesy of Mom, Terri.

2011-10-25.27- Piano Pictures

We have pictures from the Christmas Recital.  A special thank you to Mom, Terri.

2011-12-18 – Piano Recital

With a glad heart,

Ms. Melody


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